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Impact Martial Arts Kickboxing

 Designed for beginner and advanced students alike, use of proper technique is always emphasized in our high-energy, fun Kickboxing classes. New students will immediately notice the friendly environment and friendships formed while they have fun surpassing their goals and learning the some of the most effective striking techniques in the world. 

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An Opportunity You Won’t Regret

If you’re looking for progression, self discipline and the reward of seeing improvement in yourself every time you look into the mirror, congratulations: You’ve already got the right attitude to succeed in martial arts, and having the right attitude is half the battle already won. 


Whether you’re 18 or 68, we can help you unlock skills, talents and self confidence you never knew you had. We offer  kickboxing classes for teens and adults, which means you’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded people.


Is It For Me?

People are often apprehensive about joining a Kickboxing class – they worry that they won’t be good enough, or that they’ll get hurt. In actual fact, Kickboxing classes are much more a social event than they are competitive – everyone’s looking out for each other and helping their peers improve along the way. 


Injuries are also very rare in Kickboxing classes, every move we perform is done with self control and discipline – the statistics show you’re actually more likely to be injured playing baseball than you are in one of our classes. 


It’s important to remember that even the best students once found themselves in the same position as you. If you’re reading this far, then it’s clear that you’re interested – whether for self confidence, improved physical fitness or the chance to protect yourself and others. 


Only one question remains: Will you act on your interest and sign up, or will you settle for never knowing what could have been?


The Benefits of Kickboxing

You’ll find martial arts benefiting areas of your life you’d never expect, such as in the workplace or even family life. The first and most obvious benefit is that you’ll be able to defend yourself and others effectively if confronted with a hostile situation. The training also means you’ll soon find your physical strength and fitness improving. 


At Impact Martial Arts you will:

    • Learn how to protect yourself

    • Become healthier

    • Meet likeminded, positive people from all walks of life

    • Make new friends

    • Tone your body

    • Learn a new sport

    • Always be treated as family


Sign Up Now

You’ve made it this far, and you’ve got the right attitude to succeed. Call us today at 336-596-2248 and you’ll see improvement every time you look in the mirror. Our adult classes have no upper age restrictions, and we offer children’s classes from age two and up.