An Extra Confidence Boost for Extra Young Children with Martial Arts Classes!

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 Do you have a child aged three to six? What if there was a way you could boost their confidence, focusing skills, and self discipline – all while tiring them out so they go to sleep on time? That’s exactly what we’re offering you.   

Introducing Our Little Dragons Classes


Unlike standard children's’ lessons Little Dragons is made with children aged three to six years old in mind – which means you don’t need to worry about them training with children who are too big for them. 

Martial arts lessons are a fantastic way to harness that seemingly-uncontrollable energy found in young children and the skills taught don’t just apply to self defense. 

Benefits of the Little Dragons Classes


Children attending the course will develop various skills and abilities that will benefit them for the rest of their lives, including: 


  • Motor Skills - Help your child’s developing motor skills progress. Your child will work on kicking, punching, blocking, jumping, running, animal crawls, and so much more. 

  • Self Confidence – Your child will soon have a much easier time making friends both on and off the playground and children with low confidence will soon find that they believe in themselves when they start martial arts lessons and witness their own progression.

  • Discipline – The enhanced self-discipline your child will gain from martial arts is useful in a variety of situations – notably in school where they’ll find it easier to apply themselves and give up short term gain for long term reward.

  • Respect – We teach our students to be respectful to one another but this soon carries over into everyday life. There’s nothing more relieving as a parent than when you ask your child to clean their room and they don’t argue back. 

  • Focus – Your child’s concentration skills will skyrocket when they take up martial arts – which can help them everywhere from making conversation to studying for their SATs in the future.


This place is amazing! My son absolutely loves it! It's a great environment for the kids, they teach self discipline and respect and make it fun at the same time! My son literally counts down until his next class.     -Charlotte B.