Traditional Martial Arts For A Modern World!

Learn to Defend Yourself For Real!

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Why Train In Martial Arts?

The truth is, people train in martial arts for many different reasons. Some people want to learn to protect themselves, some want a fun activity to release stress, and some just want a alternative to going to the gym and getting on the stairmaster to nowhere. 


Whatever the reason for your interest, you can more and more reasons to keep coming back to classes...

Learn To Protect Yourself!

In our school we have a saying:


"Traditional Martial Arts For A Modern World" 


We have a traditional approach to the martial arts. We still show respect, wear uniforms, earn belts, and so on. We want to have the benefits of a traditional martial arts program, without the constraints of a traditional martial arts program.


Many techniques taught in traditional martial arts will not work in the real world. We DO NOT teach techniques that will not work if you were attacked! 


Our self defense is based on what really works, in a real situation!

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Even Adults Need Confidence and Focus!


Even  adults need help with focus and confidence at times.


Martial arts also helps us to learn how to put unnecessary things out of your mind and focus on what you need to focus on. There are drills that we do that will increase your focus!


As you learn how to defend yourself, and see your improvement, you will naturally become more confident. This, accompanied with greater focus, will make you less likely to be targeted by a criminal. 



It does not matter if you are 2 or 72, martial arts classes are fun! 


It is the most stress-relieving activity I have ever participated in. It is just fun to punch and kick. 


The condfidence that you gain, the self defense that you learn, and everything else is just icing on the cake!



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